Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Couch Potatoes
Dogs and Kids, two loveable, dirty beasts.  Both kids and pets track in all sorts of stuff from the outdoors including grass, mud, leaves, water and a few other undesirable things.  Germs and stink can linger on your couches for years until you decide it's time to have them cleaned.  Call us today to have us come out and clean up after your couch potatoes.  Your guests will love you for it! 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Moving Time!

Moving soon?
The summer months seem to be the most ideal time to buy and sell a home.  Realtors are busy at work finding the perfect home for their customers and selling homes for them as well.  Sweet's Chem Dry can help with your moving needs. 
When I purchased my first home, I went through the long grueling process and finally received keys to my new home.  With my car packed and ready to move in, I walked into my new home to discover very dirty carpets.  I was so discouraged and disappointed.  I was so used to apartment living where the manager had clean carpets waiting upon move in that I didn't realize this was not the case with buying a home.  Thankfully a friend helped quickly and cleaned the carpets.  But all of that could have been avoided with a simple step-calling a company to come clean BEFORE I moved in. 
If you are buying a home and are anticipating your move into clean carpets, call and set up an appointment for us to come clean for you.  No one wants the nasty leftover dirt from the previous residents or their pets.  We understand that move in dates change from day to day and we are willing to be flexible and work around those issues.
And if you are moving out.................please be considerate enough to clean the carpets before you move.  It's such a kind gesture and doesn't take much to do.
Here is a little more info about moving tips:
Call us for that Move Out or Move In cleaning!  503-625-3101