Wednesday, December 19, 2012

                      Merry Christmas!!
We had a wonderful Christmas party on Monday at the Rebekah Lodge here in Sherwood.  The lodge made for a cozy, intimate setting and we thank Odge Gribble for letting us use it.  
This year Rob decided to use his chef skills and make dinner for us with vegetables from his own garden, pork from his own pig, and desert from Costco!  It was a delicious meal and there was plenty food!  Not all of our staff could make it but those that came had a wonderful time.  Sometimes being away from the business allows for employees to develop a more personal relationship with one another.  Things got really fun with our annual White Elephant gift exchange.  A little competition never hurt anyone.  The evening was full of Holiday cheer and great company.  Cheers to a Merry Christmas from all of us at Sweet's Chem Dry.