Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Busy Season

Often times in a business like this there is a busy season and a slow season.  Seasonal work can be affected by weather, promotions, events, holidays, or just the spending trends of customers.  We have noticed that one of our busy seasons happens to be during the holidays.  Although the weather is not ideal for cleaning carpets, the timing is perfect!!  Many of us host Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas parties, or even Christmas eve or Christmas day festivities.  Our customers take pride in their homes and desire their carpets to be in tip-top shape for their holiday guests.  Every year, despite the early reminders to have your carpets cleaned, we have customers that call two days before Thanksgiving or even the day before, in a panic, needing their carpets cleaned as soon as possible.  As difficult as it may be, we manage to find time in our schedule to accommodate that last minute cleaning.  Thanks to our outstanding technicians who work till the last minute possible to make our customers happy, preparing their homes for guests.  In fact not only do we prepare for guests, but we also clean up after them.  Many of our customers find that after having multiple parties-food stains, wine stains, and muddy footprints need to be tended to.  Calling us post-holidays is an equally important time to book a cleaning for those carpets.  Be on the look out for great specials during this time to help work with your budget. The holiday season is a wonderful time of year, full of gift giving, traditions, savory food, and excitement.  It is also a wonderful busy season for us as well.  A great season to help our customers prepare their home for all the goodness of the holiday season.
Happy Holidays!
Sweet's Chem-Dry