Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cash Mob Sherwood

Have you heard about the new Cash Mob Sherwood event?  Some of you may be asking what a cash mob is.  The Cash Mob Sherwood Blog describes it as this:

Have you heard of a flash mob?  A group of people who show up at a predetermined location all at once, perform, and have a blast? Well, similarly, a cash mob is a group of people who show up at a predetermined business all at once, spend some money and have a good time getting goods that do good by supporting locally owned businesses which in turn strengthens our very own economy! 

So on March 17th, Cash Mob Sherwood selected our personal favorite Sweet shop to mob.  The Mob started at 2 pm at Sweet Story in downtown Sherwood.  Many of us here in the office attended.  When I showed up at 3:30 pm, the store was empty-literally.  There were a few customers but the cases were almost empty!! The Mob had purchase so much inventory that she was running extreemly low.  It was a good thing.  Exposing the community to this great local sweet shop is great for business and encourages residents to buy local.  We love supporting our friends and fellow businesses, and we appreciate their support of us. We are anxiously waiting to hear when and where the next Mob will take place.  

Friday, March 23, 2012

Did your dog come into the house like this on our snow day?  If he or she did, then there were muddy footprints all over your house.  Pet owners know that during the wet and sometimes snowy months, pets can track in a lot of mud.  Many of our customers wait till spring time to clean up after those muddy paws.  Well spring is finally here and we would love to help you get the mud out and sunshine in!  Call us and we would be happy to help!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Track Season 2012

You may be wondering why a carpet cleaning company is writing about track.  Well for those of you that don't know, our owner Rob is a devoted assistant track coach at Sherwood High School.  He competed in javelin years ago and now shares his knowledge with the athletes at Sherwood High.  He's not the only track enthusiast in the office.  Our marketing manager Leslie has children enrolled in track and is also on the Sherwood Track Club Board.  I also have 3 throwers in track, my oldest Elyse is pictured above with Rob at last seasons district meet.  Track is often a subject of conversation here in the office and this year we are as excited as ever for the season to start.  It has been a rough start to the track season with snow last week, but most track fans are well aware that the season is traditionally wet. All of us will be busy this spring cheering on our children and the other athletes in Sherwood.
Just a side note, the Sherwood High School Track Team is doing a fundraiser this weekend.  We will be selling local discount cards for $20.  The local Sherwood/Tualatin/Willsonville businesses participating include Subway, McDonalds, Domino's Pizza, Fat Milo's, Sonic, Papa John's and many more.  Call our office at 503-625-3101 for details or to purchase your card.  In fact we will deliver  your card to your home for free!
And don't be shy, come by the high school sometime to watch our practices or meets!! 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Being part of a community is very important to us.  We value the local businesses here in Sherwood as well as the other businesses in the Portland/Metro area.  The Sherwood community has been extremely supportive and the feeling of belonging somewhere is strong.  We have worked closely with the Sherwood Chamber of Commerce and with their help, we have been able to spread our name to other businesses and create relationships with other owners.  We are always delighted to do work for our local Sherwood businesses and citizens and are please when we can use their services as well.
Recently, we were introduced to Sherwood's own weather forecast on the Sherwood Chamber of Commerce website.  Every day our own meteorologist Dave Sweeney, posts a custom weather update for the city of Sherwood.  Check it out:
We look forward to continuing a strong business partnership with other Sherwood businesses.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Shoes Off, Shoes On

Do you take your shoes off in the home? In our home, it's the rule, in others it's the tradition.
I found the following information from Professor Helen,a professor of environmental health at Harvard University.
"This custom is still the standard practice in Korea, Japan, and many other countries. Even in countries where shoes are generally worn indoors, related practices are followed, as door mats are often placed at entryways for people to wipe their feet before entry.

These "shoe off" and "door mat" practices came about to reduce the amount of dirt that gets tracked into your home. Shoes clearly can be a source of substantial dirt, as is evident from the footprints left when you walk in shoes on a clean, wet floor. Not only can shoes bring dirt into your home, but they can also bring pesticides, lead, and other chemicals that can be present in dirt. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), for example, showed that people bring lawn pesticides into their homes on their shoes. These pesticide-laden shoes were a major source of pesticide exposures, especially for young children who spend a lot of time on the floor and who put dirty fingers, dust, and toys in their mouths. Somewhat surprising was that the study showed that indoor shoe-wearing was a larger source of children’s pesticide exposures than eating non-organic fruits and vegetables. Taking your shoes off and wiping your feet on a door mat or other carpeting before entering were found to be important pollutant reduction measures.

Even if you do not use pesticides on your lawn or have lead in your soil, you can still have pesticides, lead and other chemicals on your shoes from your travels to other lawns and other places. These pesticides and chemicals can stay on your shoes for quite some time.  For added insurance, you can put a door mat just inside your door to store the shoes or to have people wipe their feet before coming inside. Your home will not only be cleaner, but may also look better, especially if you chose a nice looking door mat."
If that grossed you out, call us and we'll clean those carpets before you enforce the No Shoes rule!