Friday, April 11, 2014

Honesty is the Best Policy

Recently we found a very honest review on Yelp.  It caught a few of us off guard but the more we shared it with customers the more positive feedback we received.  This customer was very pleasant to work with and we were happy with the results.  Take a peek and let us know what you think!

Sweets was my second attempt at upholstery cleaning in the Sherwood area.  They would have earned 5 stars from me had it not been for the pricing, which I find to be a bit much...more on that at the end.  

I have a dog and a cat and get my carpets  cleaned twice a year and my furniture once.  About a month ago, my cat was sick and she urinated on my couch.  I had a different company out and they totally botched the job, but still charged full price.  Once I had the money back in my budget, I started calling around to have the couch done again.  

After calls to 5 different places I chose Sweets, and I am perfectly satisfied that I did.  

The girl who took my original call was friendly and completely professional.  I outlined what I needed done: a thorough deep clean of my couch cushions including a pet urine treatment, the goal being no smell left at all without having to replace my couch.  She answered all my questions and gave me every option available to me.  I made an appointment to have them come out to clean, sanitize, deodorize and do the PURT treatment.  She let me know that it sounded like what I needed would be a little more difficult than usual, and that it might require a little more dry time.  I never mind a little extra inconvenience as long as I am warned about it in advance, so the extra step she took in telling me this impressed me.  

On my scheduled day, a young man showed up at the beginning of the 2 hour window they'd given me and listened completely as I told him what I needed.  He'd already been told, but he was polite and let me speak my peace without cutting me off.  He looked at the cushions and did an appraisal and gave me the same warnings as the scheduler, that he would need to soak my cushions and that they'd take a long time to dry.  

He took my cushions out to the truck and an hour later, returned them to my apartment giving me instructions to leave them wet for a day and a half to allow for the treatment to soak in and break up the urine smell and then to start the business of aggressively drying them out.  

I anticipated about 4 days of not being able to sit on my cushions.  As it turns out, they began drying on their own faster than we'd discussed and they were completely dry by yesterday afternoon, having been cleaned on Thursday afternoon.  

I am happy to report that there is NO smell left, and I've pressed my face right into them.  I'd honestly been worried that I'd have to replace the entire couch and chair.  Not necessary now.  

The young man who came was extremely friendly and professional and even handed me a Dove Bar along with his business card.  Chocolate never hurts.  ;)

As for the pricing, it was $150 to get my couch and chair cushions done.  To me, this is pretty damn expensive.  I'm new to the area, and I'd had another company before I moved that did all my carpets and upholstery and it would usually be $120 for 800 square feet of carpet and my couch, stain and pet treatments included.  To be fair, this time the cushions were in rough shape (that smell!) and required a bit of TLC.  But the cheapskate side of me still thinks that $150 for 3 ass cushions, 2 pillow-size back cushions and 2 throw pillows is a little bit much.  That's the only reason I didn't give 5 stars, and I will for sure use these guys again for the job they did and their courtesy and time I'll just ask for coupons or package deals.