Tuesday, December 17, 2013

We Wish You A Merry Christmas!

Last night was our annual Sweet's Chem-Dry Christmas Party.  We held it at The Trees Restaurant here in Sherwood.  The Trees is one of our valued customers and we were pleasantly surprised by the wonderfully delicious food.  The staff was warm and friendly and offered great service.  The atmosphere was cheerful and the holiday decorations were festive.
All but 2 members of the staff were able to attend, along with the owner's wife Jenni.  We had a relaxing evening enjoying each others company outside the office.  The white elephant exchange offered many laughs and tricks to get the best gift of all.  The evening ended with dessert and a kind and generous gift from the owner Rob.
Merry Christmas to All!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to All!!
It's only the 5th of December and it already feels as if it has been a busy month! Thanksgiving week was wonderful.  We did have a few customers call for a quick cleaning before the big turkey feast.  We are happy to report that we were able to squeeze them in with the help of our awesome technicians.  The office was closed Thanksgiving Day and the day after.  It's fair to say that a few of us took advantage of that and hit some Black Friday shopping.  The staff enjoyed the time off and came back well rested and ready to start the Christmas Season.  A few of our different holiday coupons and specials were mailed out which will be a great addition to the other deals in the shopping world.  We also planned our Sweet's Christmas Party.  This annual event is highly anticipated by the staff and is always full of fun memories.  This year we are proud to be having the party at a local restaurant called The Trees, here in Sherwood.  We have built a strong business relationship with them and have cleaned their carpets a few times now.  They have outstanding food which will be greatly enjoyed by everyone that attends the party.  
The weather has been very cold which means more work for us.  To avoid frozen liquid in the vans, we have had to place heating lamps inside them and hope it's enough heat to keep the product from freezing.  Our techs stay bundled up as they drive around the Portland Metro area and clean for our loyal customers.  We have had quite a few customers call requesting a cleaning before their holiday parties.  This will continue to happen the closer we get to Christmas Day and we are always happy to prepare the home for a gathering.  We also clean office spaces and had a business call us the other day to clean for them before they hold their Christmas party in the office.  We are always happy to help.
We are so blessed with all that we have and wish the best for our customers.  
Merry Christmas to ALL!
The Sweet's Chem-Dry Staff

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Busy Season

Often times in a business like this there is a busy season and a slow season.  Seasonal work can be affected by weather, promotions, events, holidays, or just the spending trends of customers.  We have noticed that one of our busy seasons happens to be during the holidays.  Although the weather is not ideal for cleaning carpets, the timing is perfect!!  Many of us host Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas parties, or even Christmas eve or Christmas day festivities.  Our customers take pride in their homes and desire their carpets to be in tip-top shape for their holiday guests.  Every year, despite the early reminders to have your carpets cleaned, we have customers that call two days before Thanksgiving or even the day before, in a panic, needing their carpets cleaned as soon as possible.  As difficult as it may be, we manage to find time in our schedule to accommodate that last minute cleaning.  Thanks to our outstanding technicians who work till the last minute possible to make our customers happy, preparing their homes for guests.  In fact not only do we prepare for guests, but we also clean up after them.  Many of our customers find that after having multiple parties-food stains, wine stains, and muddy footprints need to be tended to.  Calling us post-holidays is an equally important time to book a cleaning for those carpets.  Be on the look out for great specials during this time to help work with your budget. The holiday season is a wonderful time of year, full of gift giving, traditions, savory food, and excitement.  It is also a wonderful busy season for us as well.  A great season to help our customers prepare their home for all the goodness of the holiday season.
Happy Holidays!
Sweet's Chem-Dry

Thursday, October 10, 2013

It Can Be Saved!

Check out this AMAZING picture my tech just sent!  It is remarkable how well this very very dirty carpet cleaned up!  I know there are many folks out there that think their carpet is simply too dirty to be saved.  I'm here to tell you that IT CAN BE SAVED!  Just look at this example!  It can be helped for sure and in fact our techs love this type of challenge.  They get great satisfaction in tackling a case like this, only to get a thrilling reaction from the customers.  With our state-of-the-art Chem-Dry process, our strong carbonated solution, and a well experienced technician, your dingy carpets can be renewed.  In fact we have a 30-day guarantee that grants you a free redo on spots that came out that come back within 30 days of us cleaning.  So if you are among the many that put off cleaning dirty carpets simply because they are "too" dirty, give us a call.  We would be happy to help!

Friday, September 20, 2013


The Sherwood YMCA announced a month ago that they would be doing some major deep cleaning and renovations in their facility.  They contacted us and asked if we would help with their project by cleaning the carpets.  After doing a thorough estimate, the appointments were booked.  Since there is a large amount of square footage we knew it would take multiple techs and multiple visits.  We were excited to help.  The night of the cleaning we sent over 3 techs to tackle the project.  They worked hard and efficiently for hours, paying close attention to any areas that had heavy traffic or soiling.  The carpets were in desperate need of a professional cleaning and that is exactly what was delivered.  A few additional visits were made to complete the cleaning, but we wanted to make sure all expectations were met.  We would like to thank the Sherwood YMCA for letting us join with the other contracted help to improve the facility and for their friendly service.  The YMCA is used by a few of us here and when we go to work out, we are proud to see such clean, fresh, and healthy carpets. 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Puppy Problems

Puppies are so darn cute!!  They are so cute that they make owners fall in love instantly, only to forget the amount of work it takes to raise a puppy.  Potty training a puppy can take up to a year to complete and boy can it be frustrating.  Puppy accidents are going to happen no matter how hard you try and cleaning them up can be a challenge.  When your puppy innocently has an accident on your carpet, quickly dab it up with a towel, trying to soak up any moisture. Then call us, your local Sweet's Chem Dry Carpet Cleaners.  With our revolutionary P.U.R.T. (pet urine removal treatment) product, we are able to remove not only the discoloration but the odor from puppy accidents.  P.U.R.T. has shown excellent results on even the most severe urine damage.  Some customers like to wait until the potty training is complete before having us out but we will come out whenever you want.  Those puppies are well worth it.  We talk to many customers that are loyal dog owners and will never live without one.  We understand that even aging dogs have accidents and will need a little cleaning up after.  Don't hesitate to call us for help.  Our skilled technicians will come out, do a black light analysis to determine where the troubled areas are, then apply P.U.R.T. and allow it's magic to happen.  Dogs make great companions and life long friends.  They are great protectors and fun playmates for children.  So when your dog looks at you with those cute puppy eyes after urinating on your carpet, give us a call. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Before and After

Our lead tech Kevin took these before and after pictures of a home he cleaned the other day.  The customer was on the fence about replacing the carpets but with the magic of our exclusive cleaning system, we were able to improve it greatly!  Some would thing that the carpets were simply too damaged or ruined to have cleaned, but with our unique hot carbonated cleaning system and with the help of our solution the "Natural", anything is possible.  Are you on the fence? Call us and let us help you down! 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Chem-Dry's Famous Spotter!

Spot Removal Tips

Whether they are dribbles or disasters, food and beverage stains are part of everybody's life. Before the next one happens to you, read the tips and suggestions we have compiled for you here and get some Chem-Dry professional home care products to wipe that stain clean when it inevitably happens. If your carpet has been treated with Chem-Dry's Protectant, then you already have a huge advantage in removing stains.

Stain Removal Tips

  1. Act Quickly - The longer the stain is allowed to remain, the more chance it has to set.

  2. Know what kind of stain you are working on as well as the type of fabric or surface it is on so you can choose the best product. View the list below to see which product to use for water or oil based spots.

  3. Remove as much excess stain as you can by blotting, scraping or brushing whatever will come off. DO NOT rub it in.

  4. Test all fabrics and carpets before cleaning by spraying a small amount of Chem-Dry Professional Strength Spot Remover or Chem-Dry Grease & Oil Remover on a hidden area, blot dry and observe for 10 minutes. Make sure there is not carpet color removal onto the cloth and that, when dry, there is not a visible discoloration in the area you cleaned.

  5. Work from the outside edge of the stain to the inside to keep the stain from spreading.

  6. Call Chem-Dry for expert spot & stain removal if these efforts do not work.

  7. Have a Chem-Dry Professional apply our Powerguard Protector with every cleaning to give you the best chance for removing stains.

Chem-Dry Professional Strength
Spot Remover
Grease & Oil Remover
*Acne Med *Dye Liquor   Adhesive Tape Hand Lotion Oil
Ammonia Egg Milk Asphalt *Ink Ointment
Beer Excrement Soft Drinks Butter Lamp Oil Paint
*Beetroot *Food Coloring *Soy Sauce Candy Linseed Oil Playdough
*Berries Fruit Juices Spackle Caulk Lard Putty
Blood Garden Soil Starch Cooking Oil Lotion Rubber Cement
Butter Glue (wet) *Tea Crayon Machine Oil Shoe Polish
Candy Grass Toothpaste Dressing (salad) Make-Up Soot
Cheese Grout (wet) *Urine *Furniture Polish Marker Tar
Chocolate Ice Cream *Vomit Glue Mascara Tree Sap
*Coffee Ketchup *Wine Grease Mayonnaise Vaseline
*Cough Syrup Lard   Gum Metal Polish  
*Curry Latex Paint (wet)   Hair Oil *Nail Polish  

* These items can chemically damage carpet fibers which may require a Chem-Dry Professional's assistance. Please be EXTREMELY careful with ink. For larger spills call your local Chem-Dry representative.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Just a little bit about our Groupon work:

"Congratulations! Groupon customers have spoken, and resoundingly they love Sweet's Chem-Dry.  According to post-redemption survey responses received from  November 1, 2012 thru Jane 31, 2013, 97% of customers told us they would recommend Sweet's Chem-Dry to a friend.  We love it when customers rave about their experiences with Groupon merchants.  Keep on doing what you do best-delighting customers!" -Groupon
We love this type of response to our services.  It's very rewarding to hear that our efforts towards excellent customer service are paying off.  Many thanks to our outstanding techs- Steffen and Kevin who continue to provide amazing service.  And a big thanks to our Groupon customers that gave us a chance to show them that we are no ordinary carpet cleaning business!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Giving Back

Yesterday we received a call from a customer that thanked us for using Sharing Spree to run one of our deals.  She was quick to mention the charity she supports called Compassion First.  This organization  brings healing, restoration and most importantly the means for a bright and hopeful future in the lives of women and young girls who have been sexually trafficked.  It was a cause that I didn't know much about but as I read about it I was moved at the need to help others.  I admire those that are involved in this cause and we hope to contribute to causes like this.  We frequently donate money or services to local charities or clubs.  We feel that giving back draws communities together and promotes compassion and concern for each other.  This customer encouraged us to continue using Sharing Spree for this reason.  We hope to continue to do so as well as give back to others like Compassion First.  Take a moment to reflect on how you Give Back.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A New Year


2012 was a great year for Sweet's Chem Dry.  We have been pleased with the increase in customers and hope that's due to our loyal customers spreading the news about our services.  We have introduced a new referral program for this reason.  Everyone of our techs carry with them referal cards.  These referral cards are given to our customers so that they can share them with their family and friends.  With this referral card, your family and friends can contact us to book an appointment and receive a returning customer discount of 30% off.  As a thanks to our loyal customers who give out those cards and have a booking from them, we send out $20 Chem Dry Bucks for use on your next service.  This is our little way of saying thank you for sharing our name with your friends.   If you need some cards and won't be seeing us soon, call our office and we will mail them to you!
Have a Wonderful New Year!