Friday, September 20, 2013


The Sherwood YMCA announced a month ago that they would be doing some major deep cleaning and renovations in their facility.  They contacted us and asked if we would help with their project by cleaning the carpets.  After doing a thorough estimate, the appointments were booked.  Since there is a large amount of square footage we knew it would take multiple techs and multiple visits.  We were excited to help.  The night of the cleaning we sent over 3 techs to tackle the project.  They worked hard and efficiently for hours, paying close attention to any areas that had heavy traffic or soiling.  The carpets were in desperate need of a professional cleaning and that is exactly what was delivered.  A few additional visits were made to complete the cleaning, but we wanted to make sure all expectations were met.  We would like to thank the Sherwood YMCA for letting us join with the other contracted help to improve the facility and for their friendly service.  The YMCA is used by a few of us here and when we go to work out, we are proud to see such clean, fresh, and healthy carpets.